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Julian Williams: Englewood Boys

Ended: Jan 31, 2015
This January, Catamount Arts Center will be presenting the work of Chicago-based painter, Julian Williams entitled, Englewood Boys and a performance piece based upon this collection of portraits by local playwright Ruby C. Berryman.
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Second Tuesday

Ended: Dec 31, 2014
The work of the Second Tuesday artists is very diverse. Our group is not in any way a school or movement in contemporary art. What holds us together is not similarity of style, content, or medium, but rather a commitment to perseverance in creating work, respect for each other’s process and product, and a desire to have witnesses to (an appraisal of) our own changes.
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The Art of Edward Kadunc

Ended: Oct 31, 2014
Edward Kadunc, a painter and illustrator strongly influenced by the classical tradition, is the featured artist at Catamount Arts for October.
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Catamount Member Group Show

Ended: Sep 30, 2014
September is always a special month in the Main Gallery of Catamount Arts because it is the month each year when Catamount’s own special group of artists, the Catamount Gallery Group, presents its annual exhibition.
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Ann Young and Michale Estar

Ended: Aug 31, 2014
Two of the Northeast Kingdom’s most creative and highly respected artists will share the Main Gallery at Catamount Arts for the month of August.
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Shape-Shifting and other Natural Phenomena

Ended: Jul 31, 2014
The husband and wife team of Bill Tulp and Dana Karuza-Tulp are the featured artists for July at Catamount Arts, presenting an exhibit that explores the mysteries of the natural world and the materials of nature.
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St. Johnsbury Atelier Artist Workshop

Ended: Jun 30, 2014
Residents young and old will have the opportunity to see some of the best artists in the Northeast Kingdom, young and old, when the St. Johnsbury Atelier Artist Workshop presents its first ever exhibit at Catamount Arts this June.
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FALLS -paintings by Paul Theriault

Ended: Apr 30, 2014
Paul Theriault began to work with with wood, paint and paper while he studied as a scenic designer, and began to learn what pictures to make in the years before, during and since, his attention constantly arrested by any appearance of a drip, puddle, pond, or waterfall. When not in the studio, he is a bookseller in Boston, Massachusetts, where he lives with his wonderful wife, son and daughter.
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