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Please Support The Creation of a Significant Public Art Project by Globally Renowned Cuban Artist, Angel Ramirez

Beginning this week, Angel Ramirez will begin work on a very significant Public Art Mural along the wall of The Cary & Main Building at 443 Railroad Street in St Johnsbury, and we ask for your generous support of this work.

Click Here to Donate Today

(Donations can also be mailed to use or dropped off at the box office.)

The effort of creating art for public space is not solitary: the Public Art process asks the artist to share his/her creative point of view and approach to art-making, and to collaborate with others throughout its development, which is exactly what Angel will do here in St Johnsbury. In consequence, the work will reverberate throughout St Johnsbury and the NEK, thereby encouraging a sense of shared ownership and collective affiliation.

Angel’s Public Art Mural at 443 Railroad St. will;

  • Inspire Residents and Visitors Alike
  • Engage Community Members as the Mural is Being Created
  • Encourage Residents and Visitors to Stop,, Linger and Shop in Downtown St Johnsbury
  • Provide another reason to visit downtown St Johnsbury for decades to come

All donors of $500 or more will have the opportunity to have a photo taken with Angel as he works on the Mural.

Thank you for all your support!

View the press release here.

Visit Angel Ramirez’s website here.