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“…You folks do great things for this extreme rural part of Vermont. We originally came from the Boston area and must say you present top acts year-round. It’s like being in a big city, but more community-oriented, where you make use of all venues; LI, NVU, St J. auditoriums. It’s a win-win for all….” – Don P.

“Thank you for the Film Slam. That was awesome. Henry had a wicked good time, our whole family did. And from everything I could see, a whole bunch of kids and families did too. You are amazing.” – Maryellen, Peter, and Henry G.

“As a newcomer to the NEK, Catamount Arts makes me feel like I’m home.” – Brian W.

“At NVRH we believe in the healing power of the arts. Our partnership with Catamount Arts enriches the well-being of our employees and all who live in the NEK and enjoy the programs.” – Laural Ruggles, VP Marketing and Community Health Improvement at NVRH

“It’s wonderful to see people from all areas of our shared community come together to expand their interests and support small business.” – Tonia B.

“Catamount Arts brings world-class music, dance, and theater to our small part of the world. An invaluable resource that lifts our spirits, makes us smile and opens doors to the world around us.” – Mike C.

“The arts enrich our lives, communities, and culture! The arts is so vital to all ages (birth to death). We are so fortunate to be able to have the Catamount Arts here In the Northeast Kingdom!” – The Layn Family

“Love Catamount arts. Films, events and they do a ton of activities for the local children.” – Garth L.

“If culture is your wish, Catamount Arts has it, lots of it. I have lived here for 34 years, and Catamount has provided venues for myriad artists, from local creative spirits to world-renowned personalities. Catamount is a genuine community asset, and a leader in the production and presentation of the arts. It partners with other entities to bring the best of the arts to all people in our region. I have lived in some of the world’s cultural centers, and my opinion is that Catamount provides the highest quality experiences for presenters, participants and spectators alike!” – Paul Bengston

“There’s no doubt that Catamount Arts is adding tremendous value to our neighbors in the Northeast Kingdom and beyond. Their commitment to bringing quality artists and arts programs to our region, the likes of which would be found in larger metropolitan cities, has added to the quality of life here. Keep up the good work building community through the arts!” – Lynn E.

In commenting about First Night North: “What I love about being a part of it is that the vibe in St. J is unlike any other night of the year. The streets are bustling, and the city is bursting with a good feeling of civic pride. The city was built to be that way every day, and it’s just about the only night of the year that you can see it.” – Justin L.

“…I’m so happy and appreciative of all the world class arts programming we have in this rural area.” – Vicki S.

“The more I participate the more connected I feel. I feel that it is very affirming when there is a good crowd attending.” – Carolyn H.

“There is something transcendent about a live performance — Sharing that feeling + joy = connection.” – Nancy H.

In commenting about the Levitt AMP St. Johnsbury Music Series: “It connects us with those we see often, but never have the opportunity to meet” – Sam B.

“As a real estate company, we come into contact with a lot of people who are visiting or planning a move to the area. We never hesitate to recommend Catamount Arts when asked ‘Where can we catch a good concert?’ or ‘What do you do for fun around here?’ Every day there’s something new! The quality and variety of cultural events, classes and shows brought to the Northeast Kingdom by Catamount Arts is unrivaled, and so appreciated. Thanks, Catamount!” – Marcy Patridge Marketing Manager at StoneCrest Properties

“A great community arts organization that has added vibrancy to this region with top-quality arts and music offerings. Innovative, inviting, and partners with our diverse community. Really friendly and fun staff members. Walk right in!” – Ann M.

“It has been a great honor to partner with Catamount Arts in the North Country and NEK to bring world-class musicians to our communities.” – John Lenzini, Schilling Beer Co.

“Life in bucolic St. Johnsbury is turned up to 11 with all that Catamount Arts brings to the region – dance, music, performers from around the world, brought to our backyard to enrich and delight.” – Tara Holt, St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce Director

“…to me Catamount is [a] wonderful gift to the community! And you make it all happen. Thank you.” – Community member, St. Johnsbury

“…I want you to know what I see: that you and your team have been brave and smart and persistent and creative and generous through the Catamount building crisis. You are home-town heroic, and it shows.” – Community member, Waterford