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Community COVID Discovery Quilt

Ended: Jan 2, 2021

This summer, Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce and The Yarn Bank invited community members of all ages to craft a square that answered the question, “What have you discovered or learned while staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, something that brought you joy, inspired you, something you may pursue after life goes back to ‘normal’?” 16 squares were submitted and assembled into a "quilt" which is on display in the window of 142 Eastern in St. Johnsbury for the month of October. The squares express a wide range of discoveries, including learning to make masks and surgical gowns; exploring new ports while on a seafaring adventure that started before COVID locked us down; bicycling on new trails; and experimenting with new knitting and crochet patterns.

Participating artists included: Judith Cesari, Newbury; Misty Colby, Lunenburg; Sally Crocker, St. Johnsbury; Nola Forbes, St. Johnsbury; Midi Ana Franklin, Lyndon; Wisteria Franklin, Wheelock; Indigo Griffith, Lyndon; Jess Griffiths, Bethlehem, NH; Janice Halpin, Newark; Judith Hutchinson, Kirby; Alyssa Korol, St. Johnsbury; Linda Palmer, Lyndon Center; Jo-Ann Reed, St. Johnsbury; and Cindy Robertson, St. Johnsbury. 

Community Art Outreach

Catamount Arts Community Art Outreach