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Catamount Arts is a product of strong relationships within an active, dedicated population. Our Mission is based on our belief that a common goal unites our broader community: the sustained integration of arts and culture into daily life. Catamount’s success depends on our ability to bring people and organizations together in pursuit of this goal, and our community has never let us down. We receive tremendous support from our members and donors, volunteers and patrons, artists and educators, business partners and presenters, schools and towns, staff and Board of Directors.

If you believe, as we do, that art is a critically important part of daily life, please consider joining our considerable community of supporters. You can have an immediate, tangible effect on people’s lives. Perhaps your contribution will provide a low-income grade-schooler her first thrilling experience with theater, or a rural community college student his first exposure to international music, or a senior citizen an afternoon spent spellbound by a live opera screening.

Your contribution brings us all together—farmers, shopkeepers, bank tellers, nurses, factory workers, teachers, and students—to celebrate that which unites us: curiosity, a longing for inspiration, moments of shared experience, a sense of our place in the world, reassurance that we belong, that our stories are seen and shared and heard.

There are many ways to join the Catamount Arts community. We’d love to have you.