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Shuttle information: The RCT shuttle buses will run continuous loops up Eastern Ave, along both ends of Main Street,and down Western Ave. The shuttles can be flagged down anywhere along the loop.

Accessible parking can be found in the small parking lot behind South Church Hall and Fuller Hall or in the St. Johnsbury Academy Field House parking lot. There will be limited access to accessible parking available in the parking lot behind CCV as well. General parking can be found at Catamount Arts, in the St. Johnsbury Academy Field House parking lot, at the St. Johnsbury School, or in the parking lot next to the Star Theatre.

St. Johnsbury School: Access to the building is through the main entrance located on the east side of the building. The entrance is ground level and has no stairs. Parking will be in the main parking lot next to the Kiwanis pool. There are two public restrooms, labeled by “men’s” and “women’s”, located in the main hallway across from the cafeteria. At least one restroom is accessible at this location.

Fuller Hall: The accessible entrance is located on the left side of the building. There are two places where original seats have been removed to accommodate those in wheelchairs or those using adaptive equipment. Accessible parking is located behind the building and in our Field House parking lot. The balcony is only accessible via stairs. There are two sets of gender-neutral restrooms in the basement, only accessible by stairs. A “women’s” bathroom is located on the first floor of Severance Hall that is attached, and a “men’s” bathroom is on the second floor of Severance with elevator access. At least one restroom is accessible at this location.

South Church Hall: There are two entrances into the sanctuary, both with many stairs. At this time, the elevator is broken at this location. Accessible parking is located around the back of the building or in the Field House parking lot. The downstairs is currently only accessible by stairs. There are four gender neutral bathrooms at this location: one in the right stairway to the basement; one off the function room in the basement; two in the basement entrance way.

Morse Center: This venue has three floors – all accessible by elevator. The front entrance is on the ground level and has no stairs. Parking is located in the Field House parking lot to the left side of the building. There are accessible restrooms in the basement and first level; two single stall use bathrooms on the first floor, and a “men’s” and “women’s” restrooms on the 2nd floor.

Universalist Unitarian Congregation: This venue has two stories that are connected by stairs – there is not an elevator. However, the sanctuary is universally accessible by an entryway to the north of the building. Downstairs dining is accessible via steps on the east side of the building. One bathroom is located upstairs, and two are downstairs. All bathrooms are gender neutral.

St. Andrew’s Church: This venue is fully accessible via a lift from street level. The entrance to the lift lobby is located to the right of the stairs to the main entrance and is clearly marked with a handicap plaque. Instructions for use are posted by the interior door to the lift at each level as well as within the lift itself. There is one gender neutral bathroom inside the lower level and there will be one porta-potty outside. The one inside restroom is downstairs in the Parish Hall. People attending performances upstairs will be required to go outside and either back in through the entrance to the Parish Hall to access the inside restroom or to avail themselves of the porta-potty outside the building. Performers & staff may use the inside narrow back stairs to access the inside bathroom. Persons needing handicap access may take the lift.

St. J House: The accessible ramp to enter the building is located on the right side of the building.  The “men’s” and “women’s” restrooms are located on the main lobby floor.

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum:
The Athenaeum is accessible with a ramp on the north side of the building, which leads to the elevator. The elevator is equipped with braille and goes to all floors. There are three total bathrooms labeled Male, Female, Handicapped/Family. Accessible bathrooms are located in the basement and on the first floor in the Children’s Library.

Fairbanks Museum:
The Fairbanks Museum has a ramp from the sidewalk on Charles St. to the front door. Unfortunately, with construction going on, they do not currently have an accessible restroom inside the Museum. Guests must go down their spiral stairs to the basement restrooms. The restrooms are labeled as Women and Men/Gentlemen, with the men’s as a single stall and two urinals and the women’s with two stalls. There is a single accessible parking spot in the Umbrella lot on Charles St.

United Community Church: The church is fully accessible. For those who cannot manage the four steps to the front door, there is a ramp at the rear door on the north side of the building. The ramp leads to an entrance to the sanctuary, which serves as an auditorium for First Night shows. A non-gendered, handicap-accessible bathroom and the stairs and elevator* to the Fellowship Hall on the basement level are just outside this sanctuary entrance. There are two gender-specific multi-stall bathrooms at the foot of the stairs. The First Night food concession in the Fellowship Hall is just beyond the bathroom entrances.

*The elevator is user-operated by following the posted instructions. It is important to manually close the inner folding door upon exiting. If this door is not completely closed the elevator cannot be called for the next user. The outer door closes on its own.

Use the links below to navigate the First Night site.