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For 45 years Catamount Arts has been presenting creative content through a variety of mediums: film, music, dance, theater, and gallery exhibits. In honor of the human creative spirit and our very real need to stay connected, we present to you “What’s Your Art?  A Virtual Art and Creativity Showcase for Everyone“.

“What’s Your Art?” is a virtual showcase starring YOU!  Not all talents and creative endeavors fit on a stage, and it’s not safe right now to gather around one, so we’ve eliminated the stage altogether in favor of a virtual presentation of community-generated creative expression. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate! All submissions will be screened by Catamount Arts staff and compiled into a celebratory video.

What’s Your Art?

Art is everywhere!  Everyone expresses themselves creatively! Are you a woodcarver? Can you whistle? Press flowers? Make paper snowflakes? Sing the ABCs backwards? Quilt? Knit? Stand on your hands? Mow patterns into your lawn? Build birdhouses? Tie knots? Juggle? Recite Robert Burns? Submit a photo or short video of your art to the What’s Your Art? Virtual Art and Creativity Showcase for Everyone!

View all the submissions HERE.

If you have questions about the showcase, please contact Molly Stone HERE.

If you have technical questions around making your submissions via Slideroom, please contact Owen Davie HERE.

Please be aware that we will be unable to include copyrighted material in the celebratory video. To make sure we can use your material, please be sure to either have permission from the copyright holder or use material that is in the public domain.