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Here are your WEEK THREE PROMPTS for the Kingdom COVID Chronicles: What can you see outside? What recently made you happy? What recently made you unhappy?

What can you see outside? Whether you’re able to take walks outdoors, or can only look out through a window, what has caught your attention recently? Maybe the playground across the street is deserted, or maybe a family of deer passes every night through your yard. Are you troubled by out-of-state license plates at the grocery store parking lot, or are you cheered watching neighbors visit from their porches?

What recently made you happy? Did you make a short movie with your parents for Catamount and SOCAPA’s Tap Into Film: Online 72-Hour Family Film Slam? Did you bake a perfect loaf of bread, adopt a pet, or get a smile out of one of your students during remote learning? Has the pandemic influenced what makes you happy? How so?

What recently made you unhappy? Maybe you’re allowed to return to work but scared to do so. Maybe you missed your best friend’s birthday or are just sick of lousy weather. Take notice of what’s made you unhappy. How are you handling these feelings? How has this pandemic affected your feelings or the ways you respond to them?

Prompts for prior weeks are as follows. Week One: (1) Who are you? (2) Where are you? (3) Who is with you? Week Two: (1) What did you do today? (2) What do you have to eat? (3) Attach or describe a souvenir from your week.

As always, and especially with children, please be mindful of sharing personal private data online.