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Catamount Arts has announced its latest community-generated endeavor, a cookbook crafted of recipes and artwork submitted by home cooks and local chefs of all ages. The Kingdom COVID Cookbook invites community members to submit [up to two] recipes they’ve perfected during quarantine, whether brand new or longtime family classics, along with a very brief explanation, story, or additional context about what role the recipes play not only in contributors’ kitchens but in their lives.

“There are a lot of people cooking at home who probably don’t think of themselves as artists,” says Jody Fried of Catamount Arts, “and this project will reinforce that of course cooking and baking are art.”

The Kingdom COVID Cookbook also encourages artists to submit work that relates to food, recipes, mealtime, and cooking. Drawings, paintings, poetry, collages, and other types of art are all welcome additions to the project. Organizers plan to promote the cookbook and engage the community by posting short online videos of local foodies, artists, and community members cooking or sharing helpful tips at home.

The physical cookbooks, created in partnership with Railroad Street Press, are available NOW!
If you would like to pick up your cookbook rather than have it shipped, please call the box office at 802-748-2600 to arrange a pickup time.

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