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Here are your WEEK THREE PROMPTS for the Kingdom COVID Chronicles:  What do you miss? What has surprised you? What do you want people to know?

What do you miss? We’re now months into the pandemic, and no one’s life has gone unaffected. What do you miss from your pre-pandemic life? Do you miss school, baseball, physical contact? Maybe you miss sleep, privacy, or coffee and pie at Anthony’s Diner. Are you surprised by what you miss? Conversely, are there things you thought you would miss that you’ve hardly missed at all?

What has surprised you? Have you discovered a talent for jigsaw puzzles or that your dad can actually cook? Are you surprised at how busy you are even though you’re out of work, or by the generosity and resilience of your community? Maybe you’re unpleasantly surprised to find that you hate remote learning or that your family can’t discuss politics without fighting. Or maybe you’re just shocked at how much you enjoyed Post Malone’s tribute to Nirvana…

What do you want people to know? Here is your opportunity to say something, anything, that you’d like to share. Is there something you’ve learned from this experience or something new that’s been brought to your attention? Has something been on your mind that you haven’t heard anyone else address? Maybe you want your parents to know that you loved your social distancing birthday parade, or you want your friends to know you’re actually not okay. Now’s your chance to tell your students’ parents how much you care for their kids, or brag about the authentic Neapolitan pizza crust recipe you’ve perfected.

As always, and especially with children, be mindful of sharing personal private data.