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StJ Art on the Street is a public art collaboration among the Window Warriors volunteers of St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild, Catamount Arts, Gary Ely, the Town of St. Johnsbury, 142 Eastern, Travis Samuels, MSI Property Management, Northern Counties Healthcare, and Northern Express Care. StJ Art on the Street has support from the Vermont Arts Council, the Vermont Curators Group, and Maple Groves Farm of Vermont.

Photo Credit: NEK Chamber of Commerce

StJ Art on the Street gives a heartfelt thank you to Maple Grove Farms for sponsoring this project! Thanks to their generous support we will be purchasing easels that will be available for artists to use in future exhibitions.


Spring Artists


Plank Path, 2015 by Rosie Prevost

Rosie Prevost with
St. Johnsbury Academy Photography II Students

457 Railroad Street

Rosie is the fine arts department chair at St. Johnsbury Academy. She has taught photography for 20 years. This spring Rosie and her students present a series of photographs, created with Analog cameras. The images are made on film and handcrafted in a darkroom using traditional silver gelatin materials. Learn more about Rosie and her work at

The Tender Ties that Bind Us by Sheri Howe

Sheri Howe

457 Railroad Street

A native Californian, Sheri now resides in Hardwick, VT. Sheri is inspired by nature and uses that inspiration to tell stories in her block prints and paintings. Learn more about Sheri and her work at

Community College of Vermont

166 Eastern Avenue

Community College of Vermont is pleased to showcase artwork by Northeast Kingdom Students. Curated by Cindy Swanson, the art and design students from CCV Newport present work from the spring 2022 semester. Learn more about the art and design course program at CCV here:

Other Art Happenings around Town

Valery Mahuchy

Boule Bakery
462 Railroad Street

Come visit the bakery and check out a bakery-commissioned triptych painting by Valery Mahuchy. A professional sculptor from Belarus, Mahuchy now lives in Sugar Hill, NH and paints the landscape and animals of Northern Vermont and New Hampshire.

Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild
430 Railroad Street

Nick Piliero

“Color is my passion,” writes Nick. Paraphrasing the mentor of many artists, Pablo Picasso, he continues, “Anyone can paint pretty pictures. Great artists paint ideas. A lot of my work is ideas. Form and color are important to me. . . . There seems to be an inner force in me that guides me when I’m painting, it’s like the brush is doing the work, not me.”
The Guild is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30am-5:30pm.

Photo credit: Harlan Mack

Harlan Mack

Whirligig Brewing
397 Railroad Street

Harlan is a multidisciplinary artist based at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. He employs blacksmithing, steel fabrication, painting, and oral storytelling to build an expanding, constellated narrative that invites viewers and listeners into an imaginary future. This world is generated and inspired by Harlan’s life experience, exploration and thoughts around identity, labor, perception, contemplation, fiction, community, emergence and afro-futurism. The Whirligig taproom is open Thursday through Sunday. Gallery is open to the public. For more information visit

Photo credit: Shaun Terhune

Central Cafe
418 Railroad Street

Shaun Terhune

Shaun is a photographer who grew up in Vermont, home to rolling green mountains, cows, and maple trees and tin sap buckets. Shaun now lives with his wife Elisabeth and works his craft in northern New Hampshire – their personal idea of paradise. His history with the White Mountains goes back to his teen years, when he regularly hitched rides into the wild places to experience a remoteness and ruggedness he couldn’t find anywhere else in the East.

Art & Joy
375 Railroad Street

A new addition to downtown, Art & Joy sells unique gifts that celebrate
innovative designers, diverse artists, and local makers.

Learn more at

Joe Hallowell

The Parking Spot for Northern Express Care
1 Eastern Avenue

A metalsmith from Danville, Joe specializes in custom residential railings. His designs are classic, modern, and always unique.


Lyman Whittaker

St. J Distillery
74 Eastern Avenue

Lyman is world-renowned as a pioneer in kinetic art. With 33 years as a professional sculptor, Lyman has a vast knowledge of metals, design, and how kinetic works respond to the wind. This, and his love of nature, is the foundation for his unique Wind Sculptures.

The Distillery’s Tasting Room and Speakeasy are open Thursday-Saturday from 2-9pm. Food and cocktails served from 4-8pm.


Gimel, 2021 Collage over embossed monoprint, 36” x 64”

Catamount Arts
115 Eastern Avenue

Material Drawing Redux: Drawn to Touch

Artists Audrey Goldstein, Michelle Samour, Julia Shepley, and Debra Weisberg have been in conversation with one another for over 15 years about their individual drawing practices. Expanding upon the traditional boundaries of drawing and incorporating dimensionality and tactility into their work, they have exhibited several times together as Material Drawing. The gallery will be open for viewing Wednesday through Sunday, Noon-8pm.
Weisberg Gimel by Debra Weisburg

St Johnsbury Athenaeum
1171 Main Street

The gallery features over 100 paintings by American and European artists from the late eighteenth century to the middle nineteenth century. The famous Hudson River School is strongly represented by such artists as Asher B. Durand (the father of American Landscape painting), Jasper Cropsey (known for autumn landscapes), Sanford Gifford (a Luminist painter), James and William Hart (pastoral landscapes with cattle), and western views by Samuel Colman and Worthington Whittredge. Dominating the gallery from its inception has been the magnificent canvas, ten feet by fifteen feet, of the Domes of the Yosemite, by Albert Bierstadt. An audio tour is available at 802-922-9094.

The Fairbanks Museum
302 Main Street

The Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium presents Inside Out: Hidden Art in Natural History Collections. This exhibit lets you see beyond the surface of the museum’s taxidermy collections. This intriguing exhibit peels away our surface understanding of objects to reveal what’s inside. This unusual concept combines radiographs of some of the museum’s oldest and most mysterious taxidermy with contemporary portraits of the same mount. What’s revealed are the bones, wires, pins, and human touch in mounts created by different taxidermists using different equipment to achieve life-like representations. The museum is open daily from 10am-5pm.

More information here:

St Johnsbury History and Heritage Center
421 Summer Street

This nonprofit organization acquires and preserves historic collections and conducts purposeful educational programs that interpret the rich heritage of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. A stunning preservation project of stained glass windows from the former Brantview mansion are on display. Open Monday through Wednesday from 10am-4pm.