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Ended: Nov 1, 2020

Stephanie Bubrouski – Hey NEK! What’s Your Art? Original artistic contribution

1) Clock tower of pig – There is a Nick Piliero in this photo gifted to my daughter from him. I also am waiting on a working face clock that has a pig on it to add to the clock tower.
2) Pig down the amazon – My take on a trip down the Amazon river
3) The pig who traveled the world begins – My daughter asked me to do her room with a pig traveling the world, an telling a story. I am only half way done. This is her starting her trip.
4) Passing [through] Egypt – In this scene our pig is in her balloon above the archway. Below her is pig Egypt. I didn’t enjoy doing this one not enough color, but my kid loved it and all the small paper stars I also made.
5) Aw relaxing Hawaii – The lovely pig gets out of her balloon above the archway. Below she enjoys a nice coconut drink and watches the dancers.

Community Art Outreach

Catamount Arts Community Art Outreach