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Ended: Jun 30, 2014

Residents young and old will have the opportunity to see some of the best artists in the Northeast Kingdom, young and old, when the St. Johnsbury Atelier Artist Workshop presents its first ever exhibit at Catamount Arts this June.

The Atelier Artist’s Workshop Exhibit is an eclectic collection of artwork created by the artists who were or are presently participating and working at the Atelier Studio on Railroad Street in St Johnsbury.

A special reception honoring these local artists will be held from 5 – 7 pm on Friday, June 13, at the Catamount Arts center on Eastern Avenue in St. Johnsbury. The reception is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Artists participating in the group show include Phyllis Donovan, of Wheelock; Nick Marandola, of St. Johnsbury; Diane Willson, of Newport; Marilyn McEnery, of Danville; Olivia Ruffner, of Passumpsic; Barb Walker, of St. Johnsbury; Mary Q. Bell, of Wheelock; Gary Trotter, of Passumpsic; Lynn Troy, of Waterford; Libby Welch, of Lyndonville; Jennifer Corkins, of St. Johnsbury; Cathy Smith, of Lisbon, New Hampshire; Catherine Roy, of Barnet; Bev Burke, of New Hampshire; Phyllis Towle, of Franconia, New Hampshire; Barb Stowell, of St. Johnsbury; Anna Pinkerton, of East Burke; Mary Williams, of Easton, New Hampshire; Cathy Dellinger, of Danville; Les Aldridge, of Waldon; Terrell Scott, of St. Johnsbury; Teri Szotowski, of St. Johnsbury; and Rose Vear, of St. Johnsbury.

These Atelier Artists are a group of diverse individuals all with varied backgrounds, experiences and personalities, from primarily the Northeast regions of Vermont and New Hampshire.

These Artists have participated in a variety of art workshops, studio classes, and Atelier Art demonstrations, as well as exhibited individually in Vermont for the past three years.

The Artists are of all ages, ranging from nine years old to mature adult and all bring a unique perspective and vision to this exhibition. Most of these artists have wonderful mature views and creative inspirations and many have returned to the pursuit of fine arts only after long absences.

All have chosen to rekindle their love of the Arts and the creative process and begin again to create draw, paint or sculpt. All mediums are represented, as well as all levels, ages and abilities. The styles are wide ranging, from realistic to abstract, creating a spectrum which well represents the diversity and individuality of the exhibiting artists.

“This exhibit represents a collection of a diverse group of local community Artists showcasing the abundance of talent and creativity around us,” said local artist Edward Kadunc, who heads the Atelier Artists Workshop. “It is truly a privilege to view an exhibit of genuine effort free of pretense. The effort, study, practice, and love of inspiration and the creative process is evident in the industry and development of these Artistic compositions.”

“This exhibit tells a story. The Artists who have created it are your neighbors. Their subject, style, and medium, speak a narrative of divers personalities expressing a common love of the Arts,” Kadunc continued.

The Atelier Artist’s Workshop of St. Johnsbury was established in 2010 by artist Kadunc as an Instructional Studio and Workshop. It is a venue where local artists of all abilities and ages, can meet, work, brush up or expand their artistic skills, as well as pursue goals and visions in the field of Fine Arts.
The Atelier Workshop is also a studio where interactive engagement among artists is ever-present. The atmosphere promotes personal growth and encourages diversity in application and in the creative individualities and styles of the participating artists.

“The Atelier Workshop is proud to feature the artistic talents that have come through the Workshop and the quality and abundance of the body of artwork produced by the Atelier Artist’s on display exemplifies this effort,” Kadunc concluded.

The group Atelier exhibit will be on display at Catamount Arts through the end of June. The galleries at Catamount Arts are open free to the public from 11 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday and before and after each film screening.

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts is dedicated to an exploration of contemporary art in curated exhibitions that both challenge and delight viewers. Each year the gallery presents work by member artists in a juried show Arts Connect at Catamount Arts, as well as an exhibition related to the Vermont Animation Festival.

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm, Sunday: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday: CLOSED