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Ended: Nov 1, 2020

1) N.Diefenbach – Work in Progress: “Whispers” is a marble sculpture-in – progress with stone-carving tools on my workbench in Danville. When the carving is complete the sculpture will be polished in some areas to reveal the warm, golden glow of the Italian marble.

2) N.Diefenbach – Carefree: “Carefree” is a sculpture of two girls and their dog at play. The stone is Champlain Black marble from Isle La Motte, Vermont which can be carved to show the tool marks and polished to bring out the deep black of the material.

3) N.Diefenbach – Aspirations: “Aspirations” is carved of limestone for the figure. She holds aloft a bird, of black marble, to represent the flight of her aspiring dreams.

4) N.Diefenbach – Raptor: “Raptor” represents the strength of a bird-of–prey. The sculpture is carved from two of the unusual colors of marble found at the quarry in Swanton, VT.

5) N.Diefenbach – Return of the Peregrine: “Return of the Peregrine” was conceived after the Peregrine Falcon was removed from the endangered-species list. The female falcon feeds her chick on the pedestal which represents the lofty cliffs where they nest. The green/white marble is from West Rutland, VT.

Community Art Outreach

Catamount Arts Community Art Outreach