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Ended: Jun 11, 2022

Works by Audrey Goldstein, Michelle Samour, Julia Shepley and Debra Weisberg

The work of Audrey Goldstein, Michelle Samour, Julia Shepley, and Debra Weisberg will be featured in a new exhibit, Material Drawing Redux: Drawn to Touch, at Catamount Arts in St.  Johnsbury, Vermont from April 20 – June 11, 2022.

These four artists have been in conversation with one another for over 15 years about their individual drawing practices. Expanding upon the traditional boundaries of drawing and incorporating dimensionality and tactility into their work, they have exhibited several times together as Material Drawing. Catamount Arts is happy to exhibit the work of these innovative artists in the Fried Family Gallery.

The drawing for these four artists begins with the material and its subsequent manipulation: Goldstein’s structural stitching in her found object cocoons; Shepley’s layered lines embedded in cast paper and wood; Samour’s burning of wood in her narrative tablets, and Weisberg’s heavily collaged paper pieces which start with embossed monoprints. Each use their materials in unique and inventive ways to form structure and meaning and in doing so, create constructed drawings. Their handling of material reveals layers of thought and engages the viewer directly and viscerally with the drawing process.

“This underlying sense of connection is intrinsic to Material Drawing, an exhibition in which both fragility and frenzied activity exist in perfect harmony. While profoundly different, all Material Drawing works lend visual support to each other—perhaps inspired by the shared act of conversation but reinforced by a sensual love of diverse material. And the messy, yet satisfying practice of making art.” – Katherine French

Watch an interview with the artists about their exhibit HERE.

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts is dedicated to an exploration of contemporary art in curated exhibitions that both challenge and delight viewers. Each year the gallery presents work by member artists in a juried show Arts Connect at Catamount Arts, as well as an exhibition related to the Vermont Animation Festival.

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