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Ended: Nov 1, 2020

1) The Flower Fairy – Antique, rolled-gold pocket watch case. Porcelain doll, vintage rhinestones.

2) The Wolf Moon – Antique rolled-gold pocket watch case. Antique dragon stampings, antique watch bits, vintage cat-eye glass.

3) The Time Queen Tiara – Antique clock hands, antique steel-cut buckles, stainless steel spikes, vintage rhinestones, vintage metal roses.

4) Baby Demon Tiara – Antique porcelain doll, vintage clock hands, stainless steel spikes, vintage rhinestones. One-of-a-Kind.

5) Tiny Bee Baby Pendant – Antique sterling pocket-watch case, porcelain doll, antique rhinestone brooch, vintage watch parts. One-of-a-Kind.


Community Art Outreach

Catamount Arts Community Art Outreach