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St. Johnsbury is a satellite site for Montpelier’s PoemCity, a month-long recognition of National Poetry Month in April. Catamount Arts, the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum and St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce collaborate on the project, which celebrates poetry through the posting of poems on business windows, poetry readings and slams, writing workshops, and more. This year’s theme is “Bitter and Sweet.” Thank you to all the poets, businesses, community organizations and others who helped to make PoemTown St. Johnsbury a huge success! Montpelier’s PoemCity, formerly Poetry Alive!, has celebrated poetry for 9 years.
Poem locations listed below are in St. Johnsbury, on Railroad and Eastern Avenues, Main Street, Depot Square, and Memorial Drive. For a map of St. Johnsbury businesses:
Pamela Ahlen First Snow 418 Railroad Street
Pamela Ahlen U-Tube Passumpsic View Apartments
Maryellen Barber In Our Midst Dad’s 4-By Tool & Supply
Maryellen Barber On Dry Land Cantina di Gerardo
Jordan Barbour To All the Bleeding Hearts NVDA
James Barrett Bitter and Sweet 142 Eastern
Lily Barth Flowers and Nickels St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Paul Bengtson Suppose 142 Eastern
Paul Bengtson The Spice of Life NVDA
Anne Bergeron August Stories St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Bill Biddle Dynastic The Frame Dames
Sharon Kenney Biddle Late May Moose River Lake & Lodge
Peggy Brightman Cut Flowers Boxcar and Caboose Bookstore & Café
Peggy Brightman Eternal Dance Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium
Blair Brooks Harvest Moon Caplan’s Army Store
Blair Brooks Winding Vines All About Flowers
Louella Bryant Petrarchan Sonnet Locally Social Coffee
Louella Bryant RISING St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
S.J. Cahill The Horizon Line 418 Railroad Street
Natalie Cartwright Birthday Cake St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Sadie Chapman The feeling of forget Jenks Studio of Photography
Mark T. Creaven FADED Armstrong’s Better Hearing Service
Mark T. Creaven STORM Rent-a-Center
James Crews Bluebird Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium
James Crews Ordinary Hero St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Sage D’Muhala The Future: Bittersweet H & R Block
Yvonne Daley Eostre St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Yvonne Daley To Reach Across Time Locally Social Coffee
Alexis DeGreenia you 418 Railroad Street
Michale Estar Un-poemed bliss Secondhand Prose
John Fannon Untitled Caplan’s Army Store
Michael J. Farrand EULALIE, GONE EARLY NEK Vapor
Jed Feffer Jake NEK Vapor
Jed Feffer Purrrrr Passumpsic View Apartments
Joan Feffer As Did I Rent-a-Center
Rachel Fickes Clear Sky, December Caplan’s Army Store
Rachel Fickes Night Fall, February The Yarn Bank
Debby Franzoni Lost in Thought 142 Eastern
Debby Franzoni The Reluctant Gardener NVDA
James Frase-White Kitchen Poem Moose River Lake & Lodge
Veer Frost THE ORANGE TREE Moose River Lake & Lodge
Joanne Giannino In Thanks 142 Eastern
Joanne Giannino My The Artful Eye
Elizabeth Gilmartin Passion Jenks Studio of Photography
William Graham Two Haiku Red Tag
Alicia Hingston Season of Haiku The Annex
Stephen Hickey Lights Out The Yarn Bank
Judith Hishikawa BITTER LITTLE BEANS NEK Artisans Guild
Brooke Herter James Old Bear Locally Social Coffee
Brooke Herter James Survival Cantina di Gerardo
Judith Janoo Sweet Elegy Boxcar & Caboose Bookstore & Café
Wilma Ann Johnson Morning Glory Demise Passumpsic View Apartments
Wilma Ann Johnson The Eleventh Month The Yarn Bank
Beth Kanell Aging in Place The Yarn Bank
Jenny Land Milk All About Flowers
Rebecca Lee Black Berry Brew Natural Provisions
George Longenecker Tangerine Marmalade Moose River Lake & Lodge
Jack Luna Mostly 12 Eastern Avenue
Lucas Masure The Transience of Things Jenks Studio of Photography
Anzhelika Nastashchuk Aletheia (veritas) Boxcar & Caboose Bookstore & Café
Anzhelika Nastashchuk cherry stones 12 Eastern Avenue
Katie Neuharth Our Final Run 418 Railroad Street
Louise Rader POLLINATOR Catamount Arts
Hope Reeve Untitled Jenks Studio of Photography
MaryLiz Riddle Untitled Passumpsic View Apartments
Alice Roberge Winter Walk at Dog Mountain The Yarn Bank
Ann Roberts Graduation 12 Eastern Avenue
Olivia Robinson nostaligia Eastern & Main Market & Deli
Emma Roger Not Farewell Kingdom Taproom
Scott Norman Rosenthal Verses in Chinese Style Moose River Lake & Lodge
Scott Norman Rosenthal Zippy in Heaven Dad’s 4-By Tool & Supply
Darlena L. Smith My Aunt St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Leah Smith Because You’re Gone St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Leah Smith Deep Down 418 Railroad Street
Noah Sorin Memories 418 Railroad Street
David Stauffer In Love with Pi Rent-a-Center
Hannah Strohmaier I wish I could forget Washburn Tattoo
Isobel P. Swartz Extremes The Sewing Studio
Nancy Vandenburgh Circles The Yarn Bank
Mordechai Vanunu Untitled Washburn Tattoo
Liz Willhoit I am from St. Johnsbury Welcome Center
Rainah-Allelujah Wofford Bitter & Sweet The Yarn Bank
James Wood Rhubarb Pie Anthony’s Diner
Aram Wool Scholarly Pursuits St. Johnsbury Athenaeum