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PoemTown St. Johnsbury, the annual celebration of poetry that coincides with National Poetry Month in April, has been postponed until June. Nearly 100 poems will be posted on the windows of downtown businesses for the month of June. We are in the process of rescheduling readings and other poetry events for the month - stay tuned!

We are also working to bring you virtual poetry readings during the month of April, which can be accessed on the Catamount Arts Facebook page and Instagram account. 

If you are walking or driving down Railroad Street, take a look at the PoemTown St. Johnsbury-inspired window displays in several storefronts. Designed by the Poem Warriors, a group of community volunteers who are part of the Window Warriors, a task force created by the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce’s Design Committee charged with beautifying empty storefronts in St. Johnsbury’s downtown business district, the windows explore the art of poetry, utilizing such items as an antique typewriter, a Victorian fainting couch, and a large poetry scroll featuring haikus by local poet Beth Kanell, hand-lettered by Sharon Kenney Biddle. 

The Poem Warriors have also collected almost 100 poetry books, created PoemTown St. Johnsbury bookplates and bookmarks for them, and distributed them in public spaces around town for community members to read and take home. The bookplates read, “We hope you find joy and comfort in these pages.” We want to thank Poem Warriors Heather Alger,  Patricia Anderson, Sharon Kenney Biddle, Anne Campbell, Tara Holt, Beth Kanell, Sue Montague, Ann Traverso Moore, and all who donated books and items for the window displays. 

PoemTown St. Johnsbury, now in its 5th year, is a collaboration between Catamount Arts, the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum.


Geza Tatrallyay of Barnard was scheduled to read his poems at 142 Eastern this month as part of the PoemTown St. Johnsbury Celebration. He kindly recorded two readings, and we are happy to share them with you.


Poet Rachel Hadas of Danville recites the poems she submitted to PoemTown St. Johnsbury 2020.