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Ended: Dec 31, 2014

Artists’ Statement –

“For almost 20 years, Second Tuesday has been meeting on the second Tuesday afternoon of every month to share work in progress and conversation about issues in the arts. This monthly opportunity has been tremendously valuable for all of us, offering support, feedback, stimulation and a long-range perspective on our own, and our colleagues’ work.

The work of the Second Tuesday artists is very diverse. Our group is not in any way a school or movement in contemporary art. What holds us together is not similarity of style, content, or medium, but rather a commitment to perseverance in creating work, respect for each other’s process and product, and a desire to have witnesses to (an appraisal of) our own changes.

Each of the arts has its own rhythms in the creation and presentation of work. In the case of the visual arts, presentation usually involves the display of a body of related work, so viewers see, in any one exhibition other than a retrospective, a relatively small slice of an artist’s career-long output. Few people see all the stages of an artist’s work as it changes and matures; still fewer know the artist’s false starts, struggles, rejects, and epiphanies. The work in this exhibit has made a journey from the studio, through the examination of Second Tuesday, and onto these walls. This brings you, the viewer – for whose eyes the work was ultimately intended – into the process and closes the circle.”

There will be an artists’ reception in the main gallery at Catamount Arts on Friday, December 12 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Refreshments will be provided.

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts is dedicated to an exploration of contemporary art in curated exhibitions that both challenge and delight viewers. Each year the gallery presents work by member artists in a juried show Arts Connect at Catamount Arts, as well as an exhibition related to the Vermont Animation Festival.

Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday: Closed