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Ended: Apr 30, 2014

Sometimes it’s painting a set, spatter and wash
Or it’s painting a memory, on a stone in the woods with light behind and water ahead

It feels like a bridge falling down, my mind as it moves to reach the surface through my hands

Mostly I try to remember not to paint a fish, but the passage of it’s leap from the water
and to keep everything open down to the bottom, so that shapes and lines can call to each other in time.

The paintings, the eight waterfalls are represented, and they’ll hang together in four days. -Paul

Paul Theriault began to work with with wood, paint and paper while he studied as a scenic designer, and began to learn what pictures to make in  the years before, during and since, his attention constantly arrested by any appearance of a drip, puddle, pond, or waterfall. When not in the studio, he is a bookseller in Boston, Massachusetts, where he lives with his wonderful wife, son and daughter.

Opening Reception – Friday, April 11, 5-7pm

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts

The Fried Family Gallery at Catamount Arts is dedicated to an exploration of contemporary art in curated exhibitions that both challenge and delight viewers. Each year the gallery presents work by member artists in a juried show Arts Connect at Catamount Arts, as well as an exhibition related to the Vermont Animation Festival.

Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday: Closed