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Saturday, June 1, 8:00 pm

Presented By: The Colonial Theatre

Saturday, June 1, 8:00 PM

Colonial Theatre
2050 Main St.
Bethlehem, NH

Tickets: Member: $26, Non-Member: $34

Since the start of her musical journey, Sophie B. Hawkins has shown an uncompromising devotion to her singular truth, endlessly transcending boundaries and offering up new ways of experiencing the world around us. Her acclaimed 1992 album Tongues and Tails achieved massive global success and earned her a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist, vaulting Hawkins into the limelight and revealing her as a cultural luminary way ahead of her time. Rooted in Hawkins’s raw yet poetic lyrics and effortlessly captivating vocals, the music expands on the colorful eclecticism that’s always permeated her music, encompassing everything from folk to soul to Brill Building pop.

Event sponsored by: Badger Peabody & Smith Realty