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Friday, September 20, 8:00 pm

Presented By: The Colonial Theatre

Friday, September 20, 8:00 PM

Colonial Theatre
2050 Main St.
Bethlehem, NH

Tickets: Members: $30, Non-Members: $38

“Gangstagrass fuses string instruments with hip-hop artists, resulting in arguably the best argument yet for a rap and country music marriage” -Rolling Stone

Gangstagrass is a multi-racial collective of musicians who demolish every preconception you have about country music and hip-hop music. These string pickers and MCs create a shared cultural space for dialogue and connection between folks that usually never intersect. The boundaries are gone and Gangstagrass is out there doing things nobody thought would work but when you hear it you know, down in your soul, that it does work. Gangstagrass is here to help us party together with an irresistible blend of America’s rural and urban music traditions.

This event sponsored by: Bike the North Country