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PBS Kids! Film Series

Join us at Catamount Arts for our monthly PBS Kids! Film series for preschools, childcare centers and families with young children!

Every 3rd Friday (with occasional exceptions due to holidays) from 9:30-10:30am join us for latest shows such as Peg + Cat, Thomas and Friends, Curious George and much, much more!

Ready Jet Go! is coming to Catamount Arts! Come see this month's free PBS preschool film on Friday, April 7 from 9:30-10:30 am at the Catamount Arts Center, 115 Eastern Avenue in downtown St. Johnsbury, VT.

In How Come the Moon Has Craters?, the kids take a trip to the Moon and learn that falling asteroids probably created all the craters on the Moon’s surface! Led by Sydney, the kids build a moon base in Jet’s backyard and use their imaginations to figure out what challenges they would need to overcome in order to live on the Moon. Then in How Come the Moon Changes Shape?, Jet, Sydney, and Sean have a hard time trying to explain the phases of the Moon to Mindy. Jet’s parents, Celery and Carrot, offer to fly them out to space so they can see how the Moon changes shape depending on perspective. Jet, Sydney, and Sean decide to have a sleepover in Jet’s backyard. They use Sean’s telescope to look at the night sky and learn why stars twinkle and planets don’t.

Catamount Arts is grateful to Vermont PBS for providing free children’s films each month. Free popcorn is provided at each screening in Catamount’s comfortable movie theatre. Preschool programs, childcare centers and families with small children are invited; grandparents too! Registration is required in order to ensure enough seating and popcorn. Please register by contacting Ashley Van Zandt at or 802-748-2600 ext.111.